Our Facilities

Foundation Stage Area

Children have a natural desire to learn and at Keep Hatch we capture this eagerness from the very first time pupils enter the school in our foundation stage. The children have the opportunity to explore, investigate and engage with their surroundings and with a range of resources.

Learning experiences reflect pupils’ interests and the practical and informal ways in which children of foundation age learn. At Keep Hatch we believe children should receive a balance of child-initiated and adult-led learning utilising the range of resources both indoors and out.

The Music Suite

We are passionate about the arts at Keep Hatch. To support a rounded learning experience we have a standalone music suite, fully equipped with a wide range of musical instruments to enrich the teaching of music across the school.

Computer Suite

The school has a dedicated room with sufficient technology for a whole class to develop and deepen their Computing knowledge and skills. All children across the school have a weekly timetabled Computing lesson.

The Pond

Nothing inspires wonderment within children as the natural world. At Keep Hatch, the children benefit from the opportunity to become immersed within nature at our pond and nature area which attracts a range of aquatic life along with a wide range of land and air-dwelling animals and insects. The area allows pupils to get hands on with the natural environment and get up close with some of the local wildlife.

The Swimming Pool

During the second half of the summer term, all children, from Foundation Stage to Year 6, participate in weekly swimming lessons in our own heated outdoor swimming pool. Keep Hatch Parents Association also open the pool after school during the summer term to allow the children the opportunity to enjoy themselves and further develop their swimming skills and confidence in the water.

Outdoor Space

Whilst children love to learn and we make every effort to ensure that lessons are active and invigorating, pupils are still full of energy. We are extremely lucky with our outdoor space, comprising a large field area, ‘the fort’ adventure/climbing zone and two separate playgrounds that the children have access to at play time. The field and playground areas are used for a wide range of extra-curricular sports activities including football, hockey and netball.

Buddy Bench

The children have access to a Buddy Bench at playtimes where they can go and sit if they are have no one to play with. If children are sitting on the bench someone is able to go and check if they are OK. Some children use this bench to sit and share some time with a friend. This enables the children to understand the consequences of actions and how they can help and support other children with their feelings.