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                            Aspire ~ Believe ~ Achieve

Our main aim is for all Keep Hatch pupils to enjoy coming to school, be enthusiastic learners and to develop confidence and resilience to prepare them for their future.  Our school provides a safe, secure environment where children can engage in a stimulating curriculum that enables them to make the best possible progress. We continue to strive for the very best for our pupils and, in turn, we expect to receive the very best effort from them.

Our new Vision, Values and Aims underpin everything we do at Keep Hatch; we teach the children to set themselves high expectations, use their growth mind-set to believe in themselves, and this will help them to achieve their goals.

Through close working relationships between the staff, our pupils and their families, we aim to ensure the best possible start in education and develop life-long learning for our children.

Keep Hatch Primary School Values

Happiness ~ Children enjoy coming to school and feel happy and safe in their environment

Respect and Tolerance ~ Children appreciate people’s differences and learn from each other

Confidence and Resilience ~ Children believe in themselves and their abilities

Imagination ~ Children have the freedom to be creative and think ‘outside the box’

Independence ~ Children develop the ability to work on their own

Ambition ~ Children set themselves personal goals and aim high

Responsibility ~ Children learn to take responsibility for their own actions

Honesty and Integrity ~ Children are responsible members of the Keep Hatch School community


Keep Hatch Primary School Aims

At Keep Hatch Primary School, our committed staff aim to:

  • deliver an innovative and inspiring theme-led curriculum that excites learners and encourages a love of learning
  • enhance self-esteem and the ability to value each person’s own worth through a happy, caring, enriching and secure environment
  • promote a ‘can do’ attitude and ensure that children have the confidence to take risks in their learning, build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses
  • raise aspirations for each individual so that everyone strives for personal excellence in everything they do
  • insist upon high expectations at all times and ensure that a high standard of teaching develops independent and resilient learners
  • instil a culture of trying their best and persevering
  • ensure that every child achieves, through close collaboration between children, staff, parents/carers and the wider community
  • promote moral and British values, and equality, diversity and inclusion for all

Attendance, Punctuality and Sickness/Illness

Keep Hatch Primary School Attendance Strategy

If your child is absent from school then please inform us as soon as possible, preferably between 8.30am and 10.00am, by ringing 0118 9784859 or emailing If we have not been contacted by 10.00am, we shall contact you to ascertain the reasons for your child’s absence. Absences will be coded according to the reasons given. Please see the school website for our Attendance Policy.

Parents/carers of pupils who regularly arrive late to school, or who do not arrive (and have not called the school office), will be contacted by the school’s Attendance Officer, Mrs Loveland, and attendance will be closely monitored. We expect good attendance from all our pupils. We start to monitor attendance more closely when a pupil’s attendance falls below 95% or there have been patterns identified. The first stage will be a letter informing parents that we have concerns and this will be followed up by a meeting to discuss the issues should the concerns continue.

If your child is ill, he/she should stay at home. A child who is unwell does not gain anything from being in school and risks passing his/her illness on to other members of the class, including the teacher. If your child falls ill at school, you will receive a call from the School Office to arrange for your child to be collected. Your child should not be returned to school until 48 hours after a bout of sickness AND diarrhoea (where both are present), or 24 hours after the last bout of sickness OR diarrhoea (where only one is present). Please find attached some advice from the NHS regarding other childhood illnesses/conditions which we refer to in school and may be useful to you in making a decision about whether to send your child in or not.

Please see below some additional information regarding attendance and punctuality taken from Wokingham Borough Council’s Parent Information Leaflet ‘Absence from school in term time’:

Term Time is School Time

Children of school age who are on roll at a school must, by law, attend that school regularly and punctually.

Regular attendance is important, not just because the law requires it but also because it is the best way of ensuring children make the most of the educational opportunities available to them.

When a child is absent from school, he or she misses not only the teaching provided on the days when absent, but is also less prepared for the lessons on their return. This will lead to a risk of under-achievement, which Headteachers and parents will both wish to avoid.

There may be occasions when a child has to miss school – for example, if unwell. Any other absences should be kept to a minimum. In particular, parents should avoid taking children out of school during term time in order to go on holiday.


Guidance if your child is unwell
EV2 (hazardous and off-site activities)
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Medicine Permission Form

Berkshire Healthcare Asthma Action Plan

Berkshire Healthcare Allergy Action Plan





Parent, carer and visitor Code of Conduct
Request for leave of absence
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