Egg Mania!


The Puffins and Sparrows have had a very egg-citing few weeks. It all started with the delivery of some duck eggs which the children watched very carefully until they hatched. We were so excited to have 4 healthy, fluffy ducklings and they were named (by the children) Adam, Dinkles, Yee-Ha, and Daisy. Since then, the children have¬†enjoyed lots of duck time where we have watched them learn to swim, eat, run around and of course… had lots of cuddles! The children have really impressed us with their observations of the ducklings and how they are similar to/ different to humans and other animals. Amongst the egg/duckling mania, the children have been busy writing their own ‘Ugly Duckling’ story, learning about the life cycle of a duck, writing duck fact books, measuring using duck feet, counting in 2s and lots more!

We will be very sad to say goodbye to the ducklings tomorrow but very happy that the ducklings will be going back to the farm with Lucy and also very grateful that we have had such a wonderful two weeks! We hope that you all enjoyed watching the eggs/ducklings on the live webcam as much as we did.