Magical Creatures

What a magical few weeks it has been in the Puffins and Sparrows! We have had a lot of fun learning about magical creatures and have been busy  creating our own magical creatures, writing character descriptions, making fairy gardens, sharing eggs between dragons, meeting the ‘one more pixie,’ making magical potions, writing rhyming spell books, writing imaginative stories, creating animated stores using ‘2Create a story’ and lots more!

This week was particularly exciting and it all began with a letter from Bluebell explaining that her friend Peter the Pixie (who loves biscuits) was very upset due to a shortage of biscuits in Magictown. Never fear, as the Puffins and Sparrows had the brilliant idea of sending invitations to Bluebell and Peter to invite them to our CBeebies and biscuit time today. However, when it was time for our very special visitors to arrive, they were nowhere to be seen, leaving only a trail of fairy dust, biscuit crumbs and a note. As you can imagine, it was a very exciting afternoon!