Bhangra Dancing

As part of our topic all about India, the Puffins and Sparrows have been learning a Bhangra dance in PE.  For those of you keen dancers out there, why not practise at home? You can find a link to our Bhangra dance music below accompanied by the choreography.


Music: Pyar Ka Colour Soniye (you can type this into Youtube/ iTunes/ Spotify) OR Click here to go straight to the music!



1.   Bhangra dab- facing away on knees. Slowly get up and turn around whilst having twisty free time (until music change)

2.   Snake charmer (hands together in prayer until music change)

3.   Super chop (palms up, hop on spot, 2 on each side until music change, 16 total)

4.   Jumping light bulbs (2 on each side until music change, 16 total)

5.   Running elephants (counts of 4, alternate, 4 times total)

6.   Springs (knee up and hop, 1 on each side, 8 total)

7.   Pushes (step to one side, 2 on each side, 6 total)

8.   Spring rolls (bounce, 2 on each side, 8 total)

9.   Heartbeat (bounce, 2 on each side, 8 total)

10.  Criss cross with twisting lightbulbs  (alternate, 4 total)

11.   Wiping windows (alternate, 4 total)

12.  Finish with Bhangra dab!