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Cross Country comp 6th Oct 2022 at Bluecoat

We are so happy to announce the Thames Valley cross country running league is back!

Here are the details of our first competition.

Our first league event of the season takes place at Reading Blue Coat School, on Thursday 6th October 2022.

Race Information:
Date: Thursday 6th October 2022:

• Walk the course from 1.30 pm
• Please report your 2 marshals to Lizzie Keating and Julie Culham at the holding area. Please let a member of staff know if you are available to help us Marshall the course or fill in the results sheet.
• Briefing at 2.00pm. ONLY children and managers attend must attend the 2pm briefing.
Race Order:
Please note that the races start earlier than usual at this venue.
First race: year 3 & 4 girls – 2.15pm
Second race: year 3 & 4 boys – 2.30pm
Third race: year 5 & 6 girls – 2.45pm
Fourth race: year 5 & 6 boys -3.00pm

Race Assembly Area:
From the car park, cross over the road towards Blue Coat School. Walk past the cricket ground on your left. The assembly field is then on the right.
Due to Blue Coat’s restrictions we must no longer use the toilets inside their sports
building. Please use the toilets opposite the assembly area at the cricket pavilion.

There is parking opposite the school entrance at Berkshire County Sports Club for cars, and
there is an overflow car park at Sonning field.
No cars are to enter the school site.
This area is now fenced off.
Please walk through the gates and assemble on the flat area. Children may sit on the slope
to watch the races.

Course route: Year 3/4 Race
Yr 3 & 4 course: Approx 1.2km


Year 5/6 Race
Yr 5/6 course: Approx 1.5 km

Year 5 and 6 children will do a lap clockwise around the first field at the beginning of the race.
On their way back, before they enter the finish, they will run a lap of the first field (again) but this time anti-clockwise.

Venue Postcode:

We shall leave school promptly at 12.45pm. Miss Hickey and Miss Connelly will be at the venue already so please look for the Keep Hatch flag. Children must stay with us at all times. Once your child has finished their race they are free to leave but must be signed out.

We hope you all have fun and see you there.

Miss Hickey