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Intra-house ball skills results Jan 2024

Last week, the school took part in our first (slightly delayed!) Intra-house competition of the year. This was based around children learning different ball skills, such as throwing and catching, hockey, basketball, and control of a ball. They all try to earn as many points for the school house as possible. The Year 5 and 6 children volunteered to help support classes and run each station of activities by demonstrating each activity, recording the results and supporting the children. It is a great opportunity for the older children to develop their leadership skills and the younger children really enjoy working with them. All the children looked fantastic in their house colours and showed great sportsmanship.

So, now for the results-

4th Place- Armstrong

3rd Place- Sharman

2nd Place- Peake

1st Place- Jemison

Well done to all the children!

Here are some photographs and comments from the children-

I liked working with the Year 5 and 6 children because they were helpful and kind- Ksenia and Lacey (Year3)

I liked when you had to throw the ball on the wall because it was a challenge and you had to persevere- Eli (Year3)

I liked intrahouse as we were all working as a team- Kyle (Year3)

I liked how we worked together as a team and helped the younger ones- Khole (Year6)

I liked working in a group with the Year 1’s and getting them to work together too- Daniel B (Year6)

I liked helping with intrahouse because all the teachers are so kind. I helped out with reception and it was challenging yet fun- Freya (Year6)

I liked helping at intrahouse because it is fun and interesting. I have helped in intrahouse 4 times and each time it has a different experience!- Lois (Y6)