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Year 1 News

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  • The Secret of Black Rock!

    Published 12/06/23
    The Year 1s have been learning all about the story of The Secret of Black Rock.  Today in an exciting twist  they  roleplayed being Erin from the book and were interviewed by their classmates who wanted to know all sorts of interesting
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  • Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

    Published 10/05/23
    Recently the Blackbirds and Robins have been learning all about Lighthouses and what they are for.  Today in their sharing assembly  Year 1 told the story of the Lighthouse Keepers lunch and how Mrs Grinling outwitted the greedy seagulls.&n
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  • A Healthy Fruit Salad

    Published 29/03/23
    Year 1 had a lot of fun today planning a healthy fruit salad.  The children carefully practised their cutting skills and then enjoyed eating all the delicious fruit.
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  • Fun in ICT

    Published 13/03/23
    In Year 1 the children have been enjoying the unit Data Handling.  They have collected class data on favourite fruits and created pictograms.
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  • Fun in Science

    Published 19/01/23
    Year 1 had a very exciting time in science this afternoon comparing different materials to determine if they were absorbent or not. Read More
  • Toys from the past

    Published 18/11/22
    The children in Year 1 have had great fun learning about, and investigating toys from the past. Many thanks to all of the families who sent in toys – it really helped the children to compare toys from the present with toys from long ago.
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