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Awesome Autumn

Over the last few weeks, the Puffins and Sparrows have been learning about Autumn. We have been making the most of windy, autumnal days by going on Autumn hunts, making leaf pictures and looking out for Sam the Squirrel collecting his nuts for the Winter. The children have also been thinking about other events that happen at this time of year including Bonfire Night, Remembrance day and the harvesting of fruits and vegetables. It was very interesting to find out where fruits and vegetables grow and how they are harvested.

This learning led us on to how wheat is harvested and reading many versions of the story ‘The Little Red Hen.’ It has been a lot of fun comparing the different plots, characters, words they say and acting out the story with face masks. After this, we became authors and wrote our own very own versions of the story with our friends.

Last week, we asked the Puffins and Sparrows, “Who will help us make some bread?” Unlike the characters in the story the children said, “I will!” We had a lot of fun weighing the ingredients, making and kneading the dough and moulding the dough into a shape. If you’d like to have a go at baking bread at home, please find the recipe that we used at school below:


Bread Recipe (makes enough for 8 small balls of dough)


500g strong white bread flour
1 tsp salt
1 sachet/ 1 tbsp dried yeast
300 ml lukewarm water
1 tbsp sunflower oil
Milk for brushing


  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Put on your apron.
  3. Sieve the flour and salt.
  4. Mix in the yeast.
  5. Make a well and add warm water.
  6. Add the oil.
  7. Stir the mixture and make into a ball shape with your hands.
  8. Knead the dough (on a floured surface) until it is smooth and elastic.
  9. Put your dough on to a baking tray and brush with milk.
  10. Put your baking tray into the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes on gas mark 6 (until golden brown).