Friendship squad

The Friendship Squad is a group of Year 6 pupils that support the younger children to ensure that every child is content and able to enjoy their lunchtime.

So that they are recognised as people you can go to for help, they wear a blue tabard with the Friendship Squad logo in the middle. Any child in Year 6 can join in and help, and it is very gratifying. The thing that makes the Keep Hatch Friendship Squad special is that we really care about what we are doing and enjoy it!

In the playground there is a Buddy Bench where children can go and sit if they are lonely or sad. Members of The Friendship Squad will then go and talk to them and encourage them to join in with other games in the playground.

The school also have a shed in which we keep all the playground equipment such as; hula-hoops, skipping ropes and a range of balls for throwing and catching games. The Friendship Squad is in charge of opening the shed, getting out the equipment and putting it back again.

During wet play breaks, The Friendship Squad will help the Lunchtime Assistants across the school to play circle games, board games and read stories to the younger children.