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Change is a very normal part of life and can provide valuable opportunities for children to develop their resilience. Whether a child is just starting at Keep Hatch Primary school; moving to a new year group; or moving to their new secondary school; the transition period needs to be carefully managed. Everyone at Keep Hatch Primary School wants every child to have a positive transition experience wherever they are moving on to.

To help with this transition process, we work hard to prepare children and families as fully as possible with what their new classroom will look like as well as provide children with an opportunity to get to know the teacher(s) and teaching assistant(s) who will be working with and looking after them in school. If children are arriving at Keep Hatch from a different setting, school staff spend time communicating with the previous setting to find out as much information as possible about each child. If children are moving to a new year group within Keep Hatch, teachers pass on detailed information about each child academically, emotionally, socially and any other important information. When possible, they spend time with the children before the actual transition takes place. The same detailed information sharing process happens when children are moving onto their secondary schools.

If at any point your child experiences feelings of worry or anxiety about the changes ahead which are taking place, do please visit our Well-being page where you will find a range of resources to help you reassure and relax your child as well as help them to develop positive strategies to manage these feelings.