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Parents’ Association

Welcome to the Keep Hatch School Parents’ Association.  We are a community of parents and carers who are dedicated to supporting the education and well-being of our children. By working collaboratively with the teachers and staff at the school, we strive to provide the resources and support necessary for our pupils to thrive.

One of the key ways we achieve this is through identifying the needs of our children. We understand that each child is unique, and we work hard to ensure that every pupil has access to the equipment, supplies, and additional resources they require to succeed. By working closely with the school, we can identify areas where additional support is needed and take action to provide it.

We firmly believe that parental engagement is key to the success of our children. By actively involving parents and carers in our efforts, we can ensure that our community is fully invested in the education and well-being of our pupils. Whether through volunteering, fundraising, or simply attending meetings and events, every parent and carer has a valuable role to play in our efforts. From bake sales to discos, wreath making to golden walls and fairs to art competitions – we’re not just about meetings and minutes; we’re about making magic happen.

If you would like to serve on the committee or just lend an occasional hand, please let us know by leaving a message at the school office, joining us on Facebook (Keep Hatch PA) or email us at

You can also support the Parents’ Association by buying online via The Giving Machine; we get a small percentage of your payment without any cost to you.

Our Team

Name: Fi McQuay

Position: Co-chair

Hi, I’m Fi and I am new to co-chairing the PA! I love working collaboratively as part of a creative team and making a difference to community. I work part-time for a maternal mental health organisation and as a freelance photographer and am always enthusiastic to learn about new things and people. I have two children at Keep Hatch and am looking forward to raising funds for the school and having fun at the same time!

Name: Sophie Street

Position: Co-chair

Hi I’m Sophie, co-chair of the PA since 2023. I’ve always said “if you don’t like something, change something” (not that I didn’t like the amazing PA!). I wanted to be a small part of something to raise money for our children’s school experiences, rather than just look on from a far and not make a difference. I’d like to think I bring a bit of laughter, organisation, focus and fun to the PA. I have one child in yr 2 and one due to start in 2024. I work in finance and have my own business. We are lucky to have such a great PA, and I’m proud to be a part of it and make a difference!

Name: Antoine Ruette

Position: Vice Chair

I’m Antoine and I have a daughter in school and in January a son will be attending the Nursery on site. As a kid my parents were on the PTA of my school and I got to see the benefit of a supportive group helping improve life for the children at the school. I joined Keep Hatch School PA as I wanted to support the school my children attend.

Position: Secretary (Vacancy)

Name: Richard Howells

Position: Treasurer

I have two children- my son, Tom is in year 5 and my daughter, Amelia is in year 7 at St Crispin’s. My hobbies are playing any game that uses a racket, building Hot Wheels track and watching horror movies without the kids (for now). I joined the PA after being involved with the after school swimming sessions – it’s a good feeling to make a contribution to boost school funds and I like the challenge of trying to do things a little better each year and putting on events that we can be proud of that raise lots of money!

Name: Richard King

Position: Assistant financial officer

I have one child at Keep Hatch, and another yet to join (hopefully) next year. I used to be an accountant, but since have moved into a (related) technology role. As a result, I love spreadsheets! You’ll be able to recognise me on the school run as the guy in shorts and sliders all year round. I’ve joined the PA to help ease the financial pressures that are felt on all schools, and to make fun events for everyone.

Name: Louise Collier

Position: PA Committee

Hello!  I am Louise Collier and I am a new member of the PA Committee. I volunteered to join the team this year as I have a son in Y2 and a daughter who will be starting school next year and I just felt that it was important to be as involved as possible in making their school experience awesome and helping to raise the much needed funds that the school needs.  It has also been a great opportunity to meet and get to know other parents who feel exactly the same and have some fun in the process!

Name: Katie Baldwinson

Position: PA Committee

I have one son at Keep Hatch, currently in Year 2, with two more boys to follow in the coming years. I work in Clinical Research supporting pharmaceutical companies in Drug Development. Outside of work I enjoy running and spending time with family and friends. I joined the PA to help raise valuable funds for the school and to meet other parents in the school community.

Name: Bina Zavery

Position: PA Committee

Hi, I’m Bina, I have 1 child in Year 5. I Enjoy walking, travel and family time. I  joined the PA to connect with other parents, after moving to Wokingham in 2020.  I work full time and I help out when I can, its my way of giving back to the community.

Name: Jacqueline King

Position: PA Committee

I have one child at Keep Hatch and another due to start next year. I work in marketing and love all things crafting and food.  I have joined the PA to help with raising funds for the school and to be a part of the events my children enjoy.

Name: Janice Black

Position: PA Committee

Hi, I am Janice and I have a daughter in Y1. I am a scientist by background and now work as an Operations Lead in a research department. I really enjoy being part of the PA because I feel that we can combine our varied strengths to organise events which benefit the school and the children.

Name: Jenny McKellar

Position: PA Committee

Hi my name is Jenny Mckellar. I have 2 boys at keep hatch, one is in year 6 and the other is in year 2. I am a qualified level 3 early year practitioner and work at a local nursery 3 days a week.

I joined the PA properly about 2 years ago but before that I always put my name down to help on stalls or at school Discos. It’s been a great way to make new friends and get to know other parents of different year groups.

Name: Anna Peck

Position: PA Committee

I have been involved with the PA since my eldest child started at Keep Hatch in 2015. It is wonderful to see everyone enjoying events, as well as raising much needed funds to enrich the learning of our children. It is also a great way to meet other parents and be part of the school community.

Name: Rehana Ruette

Position : PA Committee

My name is Rehana Ruette and I have a daughter who started in Reception class at Keephatch School. I’m new to the area having moved here from London earlier this year. I joined the PA because I wanted to work together with other parents and help support the school that my daughter attends.