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Music has the potential to make a significant contribution to children’s development, increasing confidence and self-esteem, developing leadership, promoting team working, concentration and problem-solving skills, and developing identity and improving social cohesion within the school and wider community.

At Keep Hatch Primary School, our vision is to foster a love of, and a positive attitude to, music through engaging opportunities to listen to and interact with music in a variety of ways. Children will be taught essential musical knowledge (through the inter-related dimensions of music) and musical skills in learning how to sing and play instruments. Through a wide variety of songs and genres of music, children are given opportunities to develop their composition and performance skills and provide them with opportunities to perform to an audience.

We hope to encourage our children to be respectful of all music through listening and appraising a wide variety of music from different genres, time periods and cultures. We do this in many ways: we listen to a different piece of music every week across the school (Music of the Week); our curriculum is taught through a variety of musical pieces (songs and instrumental tracks); children have the opportunity to listen to a variety of music through live performances (including our own children performing at our Musical Soirée); and teachers choosing their own tracks to listen to within their classrooms.

Our vision is for all children to develop musical skills and knowledge, and achieve a sense of pride and purpose through their enjoyment of music. We aim for them to develop a life-long love of music.