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Design Technology

At Keep Hatch Primary School our Design and Technology curriculum gives children the opportunities to learn valuable life skills that will enable them to be independent problem solvers now and in the future. The children will work on projects independently as well as collaboratively and follow a process of research, designing/planning, making and evaluating. For each project, the children will need to consider the products intended user, what features/attributes it must have and how it can be created sustainably. After creating their products, the will refer back to design criteria to identify improvements for the future.

Some of the skills and projects covered include:

Textiles: Children learn and perfect their sewing skills to enable them to attach buttons, repair rips in garments or create new articles such as ornaments, bags, pillows etc.

Food and Nutrition: Children will learn food and nutritional skills to allow them to choose healthy food options, to follow/adapt recipes to create healthy meals, understand food sustainability and seasonality as well as how to cook safely using a variety of appliances.

Construction: Children will learn a variety of methods to strengthen products using different adhesives and materials and construct free standing structures using the technical skills of cutting and joining.

Electrical Systems: Children will explore the battery life of products and ways to tell when batteries are running low. They will also link their science knowledge of circuits to creating a product with a light or switch and use computers to create simulations of their products.