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Curriculum Vision, Values and Ethos

Our school curriculum is rooted in our vision of Aspire, Believe, Achieve.

Our school places the highest importance on recognising the development of each individual child and our strong pastoral care supports all our children to flourish in a nurturing, inclusive environment.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to develop 5 key curriculum concepts throughout their time at Keep Hatch. We consider these ideas as a toolkit for life-long learning:

To show respect and tolerance in our ever-changing community, to build positive relationship within school and beyond, and to accept people’s differences in a diverse, modern world. Children will be open-minded and excited to celebrate others.


To provide them with depth of knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them achieve their full potential, and make links between new and existing knowledge; to be self-driven in reaching aspirational goals and outcomes, and to be the best version of themselves.


To have the confidence to follow their own path being guided by the values instilled in them; to communicate and articulate themselves clearly; to use their voice and share their opinions.



To provide opportunities for exploration; to be inspired, and to be creative, imaginative, reflective and independent within their learning.



To take life’s difficulties in one’s stride, to develop a strong sense of self-belief, and to tackle new learning and challenges with a positive attitude.