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Art and Design

At Keep Hatch Primary School, our aim is to promote an engagement and enjoyment and of Art and Design, by providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences, thereby helping pupils to develop an interest in the world around them. Through these disciplines and processes, pupils will acquire important communication and creating skills, that will provide a significant contribution to their learning, with units of work planned to coincide with topics studied in in other areas of the primary school curriculum as well.

Pupils explore key artists in the projects they undertake. Artists and designers are introduced, their work discussed and used as inspiration for own work, rather than just replicated. Where applicable, our aim is that these artists will be from a range of different eras, heritage, cultures and gender, including BAME and LBGTQ. We recognise our school’s rich multicultural community and believe that in our diverse school, representation matters. So, we aspire to select artists to reflect this. From KS1 onwards, children will have the opportunity to engage in studies of these key artists.

We offer a curriculum which reflects the needs of our pupils, in order to help them develop their confidence and skills, when using a range of media and methods. Pupils’ skills and knowledge is built upon prior learning across the key areas of: drawing, painting, printing, collage, mixed media, textiles, 3D work (including sculpture) and sometimes digital art. Skills in different areas are taught, and later revisited, to ensure that there is a progressive development, year upon year.

We aim for a language rich learning; therefore, appropriate vocabulary is included in every lesson for each child to develop the ‘language of an artist’.

Our ultimate aim is that by the end of KS2, pupils will have acquired the knowledge and skills they need in order to be successful in the next phase of their learning in the subject of Art and Design.