Year R Home Learning Friday 27th February

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Wow, what a week! Well done for making it to Friday- we hope that you are all OK and are beginning to settle into a new routine at home. With regards to the home learning that we are setting each day, please remember that the activities are purely a guide and aimed to support you at home- not create added stress. You can adjust the activities where necessary e.g. if we have suggested learning about the number 17- you could be outside in the garden and he could find 17 sticks or count out 17 cars etc. You do not need to follow what we have suggested exactly.  It is important to do what is right for your family and well being is absolutely the priority. Although the situation is very surreal, we want you to enjoy this special time with your children. If you’re finding it difficult to get your children to focus on their home learning, take some time out- sing a song, bake some cakes, read a story (or listen to a ‘Read Aloud’ posted on the school website!), play a game, colour, let your child help you put the washing away or with household chores- this is all still learning!

If you would like some rough timings of how long you should be spending on each activity, then please see below (remember, this is only a suggestion!)

Phonics: 10-20 mins
Maths: 10-20 mins
Handwriting: 5 mins
Reading: 5 mins.

We hope this helps. Please remember to be kind to yourselves. If you have any questions, please email us at:


Miss Smith, Mrs Howells and Mrs Hickey


Dear Puffins and Sparrows,

Happy Friday Puffins and Sparrows! 🙂 It has been very strange for us not being at school and we expect it has been strange for you too.  We hope that you have had fun learning some new things and that you are enjoying some special time with your families too. We miss you all and we would love to hear from you! If you would like to send us a picture of any work you are doing at home then ask your grown up to help you send it in an email.


Miss Smith, Mrs Howells and Mrs Hickey 🙂



Please click on the link below to find your home learning for Friday 27th March.

KHPS_Year R_Friday 27th March