Year 4 Home Learning Friday 27th March

Hi there,

Please see below home learning for Friday 27th March.

Thank you for sending your feedback and questions to Mrs Morris and I. This has been exceedingly helpful to ensure we are providing the most effective and most helpful learning at this time. Please continue to email us on the address below:

Based on feedback we have already received, you will see some changes to the home learning document. We have tried to provide more concrete resources and included examples of outcomes. The work is also divided into separate sheets and can be provided to children as individual so it’s not so overwhelming.

Please continue to let us know if this is helpful, we will continually adapt the learning to meet the needs of your family as much as possible.

We have had some lovely examples of work emailed to us – these all look amazing! Keep up the hard work!

We love to see that so many of you are outside, participating in exercise and enjoying your time together. What a great community we have at Keep Hatch. Remember, the learning is provided as a guide and there is no expectation to complete all of the activities.

Stay safe and have a fantastic weekend,

Mrs Brown and Mrs Morris

Home Learning Friday 27 March