Wizards and Witches of Hatchwarts!

This week, the children in Year 4 had the pleasure of dressing up as wizards and witches to celebrate our new topic ‘The Wizarding World of Potions’.  The ooohs and aaahs as they entered a candle-lit, dark corridor decked out in Hogwarts signs and banners were a brilliant and great way to start the morning. The buzz continued when the children wrote their own spells and potions using Macbeth’s witches as inspiration, and considered all things capacity-related when making their own potions in maths. Troll boogies… unicorn tears… and dragon saliva were just a few of the fantastic ingredients used.

In the afternoon, the children took ‘Herbology’ class and sketched mandrakes as well as making a little trip to Ollivander’s wand shop where they created their own wands from chopsticks! Safe to say fun was had all round and the day was just fabulous!