Street Detectives Update!

In Year 2, we had the exciting opportunity to be real life Street Detectives and go out and about to explore our local area. We learned how to use maps and aerial images and how to follow a simple route.

We found out about old and new buildings and their use. Back at school, we made sketch maps to show our route around Wokingham. We worked together to make visitor information posters to show what we had found out.

In English, we have been  reading the Jolly Postman. As we worked our way through the book, we mapped out the route that the Jolly Postman took and discovered which Fairy Tale characters he visited along the way. We enjoyed writing letters, adverts, character profiles and reading and retelling well known traditional stories.

On our walk around Wokingham, we spotted some mosaic plaques set into the pavement to make a trail. The fireworks represent the annual  firework procession from Wokingham to Cantley. The acorns represent Wokingham as a forest town. In Victorian times, Wokingham was known as Oakingham!

We carefully made our own plaques, using a range of coloured felt tips and making very small dots to build up a picture.

What material would be best for a new bag for The Jolly Postman?

In our first Science investigation, we explored properties of different materials to find out which materials were most absorbent. We thought about whether these would be good for a new bag.