Steve Frew GB athlete morning 14th March 2018

We had a wonderfully inspiring visit from Steve Frew on Wednesday 14th March. It was fantastic to see all children enjoying taking part in the fitness circuits and was lovely to see everyone, including the teachers getting involved. Everyone was quite worn out!

The atmosphere from the hall was enthusiastic and one of fun. The children tackled each exercise energetically and encouraged each other.

The assembly after was an interesting account of Steve’s journey towards his own success and the failures he had to over come. It was an important message for the children to hear about ‘never giving up on your dreams’ no matter the failures you face – which relates to our Keep Hatch vision. The children asked Steve good questions about his journey as a gymnast and listened thoughtfully to his talk.

After seeing all the lovely work the children have done since his visit we know the message was received by the children. Many children have said what an inspirational talk he gave and how they would like to continue following their dreams but understood the work that may involve.

Thank you to parents for supporting us and raising money for school PE resources. It has been lovely to hear how excited and inspired some children were after Steve’s visit. Please take a look at our photographs from the day. They do only capture a small fraction of the fun we all had! Also some of the work the children produced will be displayed on the PE board at school.

Here are just a few examples of the work the children produced throughout the school.

The year 6 children wrote:

Fantastic Fitness Morning (a kenning poem)

By Willow class (inspired by gymnast, Steve Frew)

A pulse raiser

A press upper

A jumping jacker

A leg driver

A muscle machine

An ace supporter

A loud cheerer

A confidence booster

A dream setter

A fund raiser

A true achiever

A believer

A Keep Hatch inspirer


Mulberry’s Poems Inspired by Steve Frew’s Visit


I am a gymnast

I can do triple backflips

I started at four

Balancing on beams

Grabbing tight on the big bars

I’m a gold winner


Acrostic Poem

Great determination

You flip on the bars and reach for  the stars.

Milla is dangerous twist if you do not know how to perform it.

National training squad.

Areal tricks tumble through the air

Splits and straddle are stretches to warm up.

Trying hard to get a medal.

Inspired by the pros

Cartwheels, round offs, backflips, handstands, all the things you can do!

Straddle jump on the beam


In Reception the children spoke about their dreams and what they needed to do to achieve them.

Erin: “My dream is to become a ballerina. I need to work hard”

Jacob: “My dream is to become a policeman”

Ross: ” My dream is to own a zoo and take care of the animals”

Kian: ” My dream is to be a coach so I can help all the rest of the coaches. I would coach football”

Mia: “My dream is to be an artist. I need to paint more”


Year 3 wrote a ‘Dear diary’ extract after Steve’s visit. You can see the writing in the photo gallery. Year 4 went back to their classroom to continue their fitness and well-being by completing yoga moves.

It was a fabulous day had by all and we hope the children will continue to follow their dreams and aspirations, remembering how Steve had failed at times, and faced some difficulties but never gave up.