Results Of The Intra-House Athletics Competition

Over the past few weeks the children have taken part in various athletic based activities as part of our Intra-House School Games competition.

This involved lots of different stations which were lead by our sports leaders. The stations were:

  • Standing long jump – Children had to stand at the edge of a mat and jump two footed to two footed as far as they could
  • Javelin throw – Children had to throw a bull-nosed javelin as far as they could
  • Seated throw – Children had to sit on a spot and throw two bean bags onto coloured markers. Each marker had a different number marked underneath it. Their score was then added up
  • Agility bounce – Children had 20 seconds to jump over a hurdle as many times as they could
  • Guided obstacle – Children paired up and were lead around a mini obstacle course, going over hurdles, under tables and around cones

Some of our stations were inspired by the para- athletics. We thought it would be good to expose the children to a range of abilities and activities, to show them anyone can do athletics if they believe in themselves.

As with all the intra-house competitions, some Year 5 and 6 children were trained as our ‘sports leaders’ to lead and demonstrate at each station as well as to record the results. They took this role very seriously and it was lovely seeing the sports leaders encouraging and supporting children.

Again the children looked amazing in their coloured T-shirts and it continued to create good team spirit.  Throughout the competition we collected some of the children’s comments.

Miles (Sports leader)- ” It’s absolutely amazing. It’s really enriching and gives me an idea what it’s like to be a teacher”

Dan (Sports Leader) -” They all understood the rules. I would show them how to do it, give them a tip and encourage them not to give up”

Max (Sports Leader) -” It helps them, like, when they’re older they can choose sports that they’ll like”

Holly (Sports Leader) -” I was amazed at how well they threw it because they are younger. A lot of Year 6’s can’t do it!”

Dylan (Sports Leader) -” They behaved well. I was trying to teach them to be competitive which I like because I am a competitive person and they used team work to encourage by counting together”

Jessie – ” It was fun and tiring”

Jude – ” I enjoyed the throwing, as I threw far”

Frank – ” The jumping was fun”

Izzy – ” The blind obstacle was fun and scary”

Archie – “I’m winning at the moment, how did I do that?”

Annabelle – “I’m excited to do the javelin throw”

So for the results:

1st Shackleton

2nd Raleigh

3rd Livingstone

4th Columbus

Well done again to all the children. Everyone tried really hard and didn’t give up! The sports leaders were encouraging and supportive. It has been a joy to train the sports leaders at each intra-house competition. They have been amazing and taken the role very seriously and have grown in confidence.

This will be our last small intra-house competition for this academic year. The next competition is sports day, followed by a swimming gala in the second half of summer term. We hope that your children enjoy these competitions this year and exposure to a range of sports.