Results from the Intra-House ball skills competition 2018

Over the past few weeks the children have been taking part in the first Intra-House competition of the year. This competition was based around ball skills.

We had 5 different stations:

  • Wall ball throw

Lower school children had to throw a large soft ball against the wall and catch it as many times as they could for 30 seconds. The sports leader then counted how many times they caught the ball. Upper school children had to throw a tennis ball against the wall and catch it with the other hand for 30 seconds.

  • Basketball or under over

Lower school children played the game under/over with a large soft ball. Upper school children used basketballs to score as many into the hoop as they could.

  • Figure of 8

The lower school children used a tennis ball to weave a figure of 8 between their legs for 30 seconds. Upper school children used a larger ball.

  • Throw and catch

Foundation stage children had to throw and catch a large soft ball. Year 1 children threw the ball and had to clap once before catching it. Year 2 had to clap twice, Year 3 had to clap 3 times and so on. Year 6 had to clap 6 times before catching the ball! All year groups had 30 seconds to throw, clap and then catch the ball as many times as they could.

  • Hockey dribbling

The children had 30 seconds to dribble a small ball around cones using a hockey stick. Each time they passed a cone they scored a point.

Each station was lead by a Year 5 or 6 sports leader. The sports leaders had training in the week before the competition began learning how to run each station and record the results.

We have all had a great time during our Intra-House competition weeks and the children all looked amazing in their coloured house tops.

Now for the results:

1st place Shackleton

2nd place Livingstone

3rd place Raleigh

4th place Columbus

Well done to all the children for a fantastic first Intra- House competition and congratulations to Shackleton.

Here are some children’s comments:

” I like the Year 6s being here to help”

“I tried to improve my ball skills on the throw and catch with one hand”

“It was so fun and challenging. What I like is developing my skills and everyone is good at something”

“I like that you keep on trying to get your goal, especially the hockey one!”

“It was really tiring but it was nice to see what people can do”

“I liked cheering and encouraging my friends, even if they didn’t score anything”

“I enjoyed the hockey. It’s like crazy golf”

“I like helping them and showing them by doing a demonstration”

“I like seeing the¬†children succeed and try their best”

Enjoy looking through the pictures.