Real PE and Real Play at home

Our PE scheme providers from Create Development have sent us login details for you to support active learning at home during the school closure period. In school, we use Real PE and Real Gym to deliver our PE lessons. You will now be able to access Real PE and Real Play at home.

Just a reminder that to access Real PE and Real Play, the website address is:

Your login details have been sent to you via parentmail 🙂

Once you are logged in please view the tutorial video. This tutorial video will explain how to use the Jasmine online platform and where to find the suggested lesson ideas for Real PE and Real Play active stories.

To find the Real Play section click on ‘menu’ in red and then select ‘Real Play’. Available in the Real Play section are a range of activities, games and fundamental physical skills told through exciting themed stories.

Alternatively, you can access Real PE ideas divided into EYFS/KS1 or KS2. This is set out in the morning, afternoon, evening activities and given suggested timings, but these are only suggestions.  Please start on day 1 as the video demonstrations have definitely been uploaded. This site will be updated and added to regularly, more will follow. Real PE includes daily challenges, games, FUNS station skills to improve on and so much more.

You will notice when you choose a Real PE activity, there are six cogs displayed. Personal, Social, Cognitive, Health and fitness, physical and creative. A few weeks ago we linked these cogs to our school values so the children should know what they mean. The posters the children made will be on the website soon. You or your child can choose one for the activity you/they feel they would like to work on. For example, if wanting to work on perseverance they should choose the personal cog as this encourages them not to give up.

We are keen for your children to continue their PE learning while at home and this is a fun and active way to do so altogether. We hope you enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions or problems accessing Real PE or Real Play.

Many Thanks

Ms Hickey