Meet Our House Captains for 2017-2018

We have introduced house captains for our Intra- House competitions this year. The children were voted in by their peers after saying why they would be good in the role.  The children now wear a badge so the rest of the school can identify who their house captain is. Their role is to offer support, encouragement and feedback from the children about these competitions. They also have the important role of collecting the certificate and cup if their house wins the Intra-House competitions and sports day!

So come and meet our house captains and hear a little bit from them.


I am Leo, the house captain of Shackleton. I play a lot of sports including football and tennis. I enjoy playing with all age groups and I think I can motivate them in Keep Hatch sports events.


Ella Rose
I am willing to motivate people and support them while they do their events. After their events I will congratulate them even if they don’t always do quite as well as they would have liked.
I am sporty because I play badminton twice a week and play basketball for Wokingham Panthers.


I believe that I should be Columbus house captain because I like working with children younger than me and I love sports! I am looking forward to cheering on my team members on all occasions especially sports day. I think I show good sportsmanship – I enjoy supporting Columbus – but I also congratulate other teams if they beat us on the day.


I think I will be a good house captain for Columbus. I play a lot of sport in school and out of it. I have a younger sister and like supporting and motivating younger children.


My name is Holly and I am going to share with you why I will be a good house captain. Firstly, I love all kinds of sports. Secondly, I would like to help people at school enjoy participating in sports events such as Sports Day. Finally, I will cheer everyone on! No matter what speed you run at, cheering makes all the difference. Let’s see if we can be the loudest this year. Go Raleigh!


I would make a good house captain because I am a fast runner and I play for Wokingham District Football team as well as the school team. I will encourage and support everyone in Raleigh.


I will be a good house captain for Livingstone because I am supportive yet competitive. For many events Livingstone has been tantalisingly close to winning and I hope that I can contribute to Livingstones successes this year. Come on Livingstone, let’s do it!


I will be a good house captain for Livingstone because I’m supportive of everyone and I would love everyone to enjoys sport because it is my passion! I have played for Berkshire in many games and have played for school. I am looking forward to supporting everyone in Livingstone in every way. Go Livingstone!

We are looking forward to seeing the children in action over the year and hope they thrive in this role. Bring on the competitions!


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