Magical Creatures in Foundation

Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed our topic all about magical creatures. We have designed our own magical creatures, made fairy gardens, had a letter and email from Bluebell the fairy, wrote her invitations and created potions.

We received a worrying letter from Bluebell the fairy, explaining that all the biscuits in Magic Town had gone! We knew we had to help, so invited her and her friends to join us for biscuit time. Bluebell replied via email saying she would love to come. We waited all day Friday, in the end went out to see if we could find her. When we came back she had already eaten some of the biscuits with her friend, but they were too shy to stay, so left us a letter instead.

It has been magical learning about magical creatures, so much so, it even snowed for us! We think Bluebell sent the snow as a treat for us to play in.

Please look through our photographs of all the lovely things we have done.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy the holidays. See you all next term.