JDRF Day 2018

What an amazing and fun day we all had raising money for the charity JDRF. As you know, we have children in the school living with type 1 diabetes so we were pleased to be supporting a charity that supports the families and children living with it. It was wonderful to see everyone wearing blue in support of this amazing charity and every powerful during playtime to see a sea of blue rather than our usual red. Everyone made such a wonderful effort and looked fantastic. The children seemed to enjoy putting money into the charity buckets when they arrived at school, as did they children holding them.

During the morning we were very lucky to have Jan from the charity give an assembly explaining, why we were raising money for JDRF, who the charity supports, and what type 1 diabetes is. The children were beautifully behaved and listened intently. So much so, when leaving the hall a child said to one of our diabetic children “Now I understand why you need to prick your finger and test your sugar levels during the day and why you are sometimes eating a biscuit”

The afternoon was full of fun and excitement. The children had been waiting all day for the Zumba dancing to show off their dance moves! It was lovely to have the nursery join us for our Zumba dancing too. Nursery and KS1 danced enthusiastically to ‘Superman’ and KS2 danced fabulously to ‘Cha Cha slide’. As a whole school we then danced to Macarena, YMCA, Opps up side your head ( in our classes) and finished with a conga line back to the classrooms. Looking out and seeing all the children involved and laughing in their blue was inspiring and beautiful.  

Your donations and the children’s enthusiasm supporting the JDRF charity, as well as, their friends living with type 1 diabetes has just astounded us. It was interesting to hear children talking about their family members or friends who have diabetes and they were excited they were helping.

Thank you again to you all for your generous donations and support on the day. We raised £650.32 in total after some last minute donations!

What a fantastic day. Here are some children’s comments from the day-

“I really liked the dancing. The superman song was my favourite.”

“I really enjoyed the day and I learnt about diabetes in the assembly”

“I really enjoyed the dancing at the end. It was great to have the whole school on the field”

Please enjoy looking through the photographs.