Intra-House Results for the Gymnastics Competition 2019

Last term have took part in an Intra-House Gymnastics competition. This involved the children doing two activities lead by Year 5 and 6 sports leaders. Children worked in their house teams.

The activities were:

Pencil roll– Children had 1 minute to pencil roll while carrying a bean bag as many times as they could across a mat. After the minute the amount of bean bags in the hoop would make up their final score.

Dice Matrix- Children ran to the middle of the hall, rolled the dice and matched it to the gymnastic shape on the poster. Then they ran back to their team and the whole team had to perform the shape and hold it for 10 seconds. The children continued to do this for 3 minutes taking turns.

The Year 5 and 6 sports leaders scored the points, demonstrated each game and played a get to know me game at the beginning of the lesson. We would not be able to run these competitions without them!

Here are the results:

Joint 1st Raleigh and Columbus

3rd Livingstone

4th Shackleton

Well done to all the children it was another great Intra-house competition. We hope you all had a lovely half term.