Intra-House Gym School Games Competition

Over the past few weeks the children have been taking part in various gymnastics activities as part of our Intra-House School Games Gym competition.

This involved lots of different stations which were lead by our sports leaders. The stations were:

Station 5 – disco balance: Balancing along a bench with a foam disc on their head and jumping off the end

Station 4 – balance and jump: Balancing along a bench and jumping onto coloured spots. Each coloured spot had a different number underneath it. Children had two jumps and then added up their scores.

Station 3 – Star jumper: Star jump or jumping jack as many times as they could in 20 seconds

Station 2 – Tuck balance challenge: Hold a tuck position on either a bench or mat for as long as they could without putting their feet or hands down

Station 1 – Pencil roll: Pencil roll with one bean bag at a time from one side of the mat to the other. Trying to get as many bean bags into a hoop in 20 seconds.

A selection of Year 5 and 6 children were trained as our ‘sports leaders’ to lead and demonstrate each station as well as to record the results. They took this role very seriously. It was lovely seeing the sports leaders encouraging and supporting children.

The whole school not only looked amazing in their coloured T-shirts but it seemed to bring a sense of team spirit to the intra-house gym competition. Throughout the competition we collected some of the children’s comments. Please have a read below-


Y4 Chloe T: “I really liked the balance beam it was tricky!”

Y5 Owen – sports leader: “It feels good to be given responsibilities”

Ross Yr R: “I love it”

Max Yr 5: “It was really hard but I enjoyed the tuck challenge”

Keira Yr 6- sports leader- “It is fun to lead because I enjoy working with children and helping them”

Connor Yr 6: “I like the tuck challenge because it was tricky”

Ellie Yr 6 – sports leader: “I think its going great and they’re doing really well. They find the star jumps really difficult but I just tell them to keep going”

Kitty Yr R: “I don’t know how many star jumps I did, they’re my favourite”

Cora Yr 1: “I nearly did it” (Talking about the tuck challenge)

Leo Yr 1: “I got 3 points in the balance and jump”



So now for the all important results!

Joint 4th place: Livingstone and Raleigh

2nd place: Columbus

and in 1st place: Shackleton

Congratulations to Shackleton House for winning the School Games Intra-House Gym competition!