Intra-House Ball Games Results 2020

It was so exciting to be able to give the children some normality and take part in the Ball Games Intra-House competition. We wanted to ensure the children still felt part of a whole school, even though we cannot all physically be together. Taking part in a school competition is a great way to do this.

The children wore their house T-shirts with pride and enjoyed working as a part of a team, knowing their efforts would earn their team points. We did missed the Year 5 and 6 sports leaders leading and supporting the activities and children across the school. We can not wait until they are able to do this again.

Children in Years R-2 took part in two ball games-

  • The over under game, where they had to pass a ball over their heads and then under their legs to the end of the line.
  • Then throwing 3 bean bags onto numbered coloured spots, adding up the spots the bean bags landed on for their overall result.

Children in Year 3 and 4 played seated volleyball and children in Year 5 and 6 played throw tennis. All games were taken from our Real PE scheme of work.

Here are some of the children’s comments:

“I loved playing throw tennis. Even though we didn’t win any games. It was still super fun supporting everyone and working with my team. It was fair and even because everyone at least played 1 game and got hold of the ball a lot. ”

“I think throw tennis was really fun and exciting because we all worked as a team and cheered everyone on. It was really enjoyable and I would definitely like to do it again. Team Armstrong!”

“I really enjoyed Intra-House because we used a lot of teamwork which motivates me and it is also the first time we played points for our house in a long time. Team Peake!”

“I really enjoyed playing throw tennis it was very fun and everyone cheered on each other and there was really good sportsmanship. I loved it!”

“I liked the over and under game because it made me laugh. ”

“It was fun. When you do the bean bag throw you throw them onto a number. It was my favourite. ”

“I loved supporting my team.”

“We had to play for 2nd place, we had to work as a team.  ”

“We talked to make sure we had a good defence team. ”

We are sure you can see from the children’s comments how much the children enjoyed working together as a team and enjoying games some of them had not played before.

Now for the all important results!

4th Armstrong

3rd Sharman

2nd Jemison

1st Peake

Well done to all the children and staff. What a fantastic first Intra-House of the year 🙂 Congratulations Peake.