Hooke Court – finale

The children went to sleep a lot quicker last night and slept very well which is no surprise given the exertions of the day before. They are all still smiling, excited and full of energy. The mammoth task of stripping beds and packing cases has gone well. We promise no sock shall be left behind but cannot promise it will return with the rightful owner. We are looking at it as a good team communication & organisation challenge to match belongings on their return. Good luck parents.

Groups are now looking forward to their final activities of den building or low ropes and orienteering.

Update 1: We’ve been building dens and really testing our team work this morning. It’s been fascinating to see leadership, negotiation, compromise and encouragement amongst all the children. We have seen many natural leaders in action.

Update 2: The orienteering activity has really developed map reading and problem solving skills. The competitive element to the whole task got the children very engaged. It’s been wonderful to see children running around in teams having such a great time.

Update 3: All fed and happy. Currently squealing and burning off a little energy around the courtyard. Will be leaving for home and probably snoozing on the journey (fingers crossed). See you soon.

Update 4: The final words from Hooke Court 2019 can come from some of the children themselves:

“The best bit for me was when we did the orienteering. I liked when you found lots of the clues you could remember & didn’t have to find them again. It was a good competition.” – Emily & Summer

“My favourite part was probably the low ropes. I liked trying to see if I could complete the course. I liked the tight rope bit when you had to hold hands and it got further apart.” – Sebastian

“I’ve enjoyed dressing up & it’s been really fun making all the food.” – Sammy W

“What have you liked so far?” “Everything.” – Leora & Lyla

“It’s been the best day of my life.” – William

“It’s awesome.” – Elodie

“Thank you so much for booking this residential. It’s been amazing.” – Oliver