Easter Holiday Fun Ideas

Good afternoon all. It is the end of another week and the end of Spring Term.

Next week will be very unusual as it will be the Easter holidays, a time when many of you will have planned to go away or to visit friends and family. To help make this unusual time a bit easier, the Keep Hatch staff have been hatching and collecting ideas to help keep your children entertained at home. We’re really excited about the KH bake-off!

Save the trees and your ink. Please don’t print everything! Some pages will be filled with website links and others will have things to cut out and stick.  Take care and only print the things you think need printing such as templates and word puzzles.

We hope you have lots of fun!

Take care and stay safe,

The Keep Hatch Team


Keep Hatch Easter fun Pack – KH Bake-off

Keep Hatch Easter fun Pack – Mix_Websites

Keep Hatch Easter fun Pack – Imagine_Perform_Play

Keep Hatch Easter fun Pack – Craft_Build_Experiment_Explore

AN EASTER JOURNAL – story and questions

The Last Supper – story and questions

Year 5 and 6 SPaG Egg Mystery

Year 3 and 4 SPaG Easter mystery