District Sports Friday 28th June 2019

We had another amazing day at Palmer Park for the District sports event last Friday.

There was a lovely buzz in the morning while the children gathered in the hall. Once we arrived at Palmer Park the children enjoyed a warm up on the track and then settled down for the day to begin.

The children behaved wonderfully in the stands and cheered each other on. I could hear them from the results tent on the other side of the track!

The children all competed in their events with lots of enthusiasm. We began the day with long distance. This race is definitely not a jog; it is a 600m sprint. All children competing in the event were fantastic. They were very fast races.

When the long distances races began, the boys were sent to their field events. The boys did well and tried hard considering the rain had stopped a lot of our club practises.

The long distance races were followed with the sprints and some relays. I know some of the children were nervous in their sprints. It is difficult waiting to run in front of all the schools and the gun starting you off instead of a whistle. The children did so well and you wouldn’t have been able to tell they were nervous.

Relays! These always make me very anxious as no matter how much we practise at club on the day that baton can drop! The children were all amazing with some of our relay teams making the finals. Sometimes the pressure of the finals can mount up and we dropped the baton a few times, however, saying this, the teams that did came back strong. So well done.

The girls then went off for their field events. They again were amazing with some of the girls scoring points in their events.

After all the events came the finals, which we were in a few.


We came 18th out of 20 schools overall. This is the boys and girls scores added together. 

The girls came 14th out of 20 schools and the boys came 18th out of 20 schools. 

We did our best in all the events on the day and we are very proud of the children and their achievements.  I would like to say a special thank you to our reserves who came on the day. Some of them came and were not needed but I would like you to know that you were still an incredible part of the team. Thank you to Amelia C and Yakoob for being our boys and girls captains on the day.

I would like to say a huge well done the all the Keep Hatch team. You represented your school perfectly and I am proud of you. Thank you, too, to all the parents who came to support us and the children as well. It was lovely to look into the stands and see everyone cheering and having a lovely day.

The day also couldn’t have gone ahead without Miss Leigh-Murray Mrs Wallis and Mrs Thirkell who help at the club and came with us. Also, thank you to Miss Lewis and Mrs Coe for helping at club too.

Good luck to our Year 6 children when you go to secondary school. I hope you continue to participate in sports. I hope to see everyone else next year.

Enjoy looking through the photos.