Cross Country Relay Bulmershe And Results 2019

Last Thursday we attended our last cross country competition of the season, and what a season it has been!

The relays are always difficult as we are up against Division 1 but all our teams ran extremely well. Our children showed great team work, spirit and enthusiasm. They should be very proud of themselves.

Thank you to all children and parents who stayed to watch the presentation. As you can imagine it was a tense wait, but well worth it. I was not expecting 4 trophies. I am so incredibly proud of all the children who have supported us in our journey over the years. Some of our Year 6 runners have been coming since they were in Year 3.

We received trophies for:

  • Division 2 Year 5 /6 Boys Runners up
  • Division 2 Year 3 /4 Boys Runners up
  • Division 2 Year 3 /4 Girls 3rd place

And of course our trophy for

  • Division 2 WINNERS!!! Which means we are promoted to Division 1

Thank you to all the parents for their support this season, we could not attend without you. And a huge thank you to the children for showing such pride in representing their school. What a beautiful journey the cross country club has been on. Starting at the bottom and slowly working our way up to win the league. This just shows what hard work, determination and patience can do. The enthusiasm towards running has grown with many children attending park runs and running with their parents. This really shows in our results. I look forward to what Division 1 has in store for us. I know we are an amazing team and as long as we continue on this path we will do very well.

It is always sad to see the Year 6 children leave. I hope they continue running at secondary school and keep us updated on their progress. I look forward to welcoming new runners next season.

Thank you also to Miss Leigh-Murray, Mrs Coe, Mrs Wallis and Mr Moir for attending the club and competitions.

Well done again team. Keep on running and see you in September  🙂