Black Park Cross Country Results 2019

Well our final team cross country competition was another great success. Black Park proved to be a real  cross country venue full with mud and puddles! It has been incredible to be on this journey with the cross country team and see some of the children develop a real passion for running.

A group of Year 5 runners Amelia, Emily and Olivia shared a song they had made up for cross country at this event and I absolutely loved it- I just had to share!

They don’t speak our language,

                          They say we’re too savage ya, no, no,

                          We don’t give up anymore.

                          We’re gonna run, run, run till we win (x2)

                          We are Keep Hatch Primary,

                          We are here to win the race yes, yes.

                          We don’t give up any more (x2)

I think this could become our theme song.

So the results for Black Park are as follows:

Team Results:(the top four runners positions from each race are added together and this makes up our overall score)

Year 3/4 girls – 2nd out of 15 schools
Year 3/4 boys – 3rd out of 15 schools
Year 5/6 girls – 5th out of 15 schools
Year 5/6 boys – 4th out of 15 school

Overall Team Results: (Race 1, 2, 3 and 4 results added together)

1st out of 15 schools

Individual results:

Years 3/4 girls

Matilda 8th

Isobel 9th

Lily 13th

Maddie 17th

Years 3/4 boys

Finlay 8th

Daniel 9th

Adam 12th

Sammy 28th

Years 5 /6 girls

Freya 14th
Amelia 16th
Lara 29th

Ella 40th

Years 5/6 boys

Thomas 10th
Daniel 12th

Joshua 38th

Harry 44th

Another set of incredible results! I am always so proud when the results come in and we are still in 1st place! (not that I doubted us) Well done team. The relays now are our last push to stay in 1st place and win the division 2 league.

With this in mind  I  select the children to go for the relays. The relays are against division 1 runners and I have found in previous years it was not always fun racing against them.  Therefore, if you are invited to the relays you will receive a parentmail sometime after half term. I do take reserves but the letter will have more detail.

Thank you again to all the children and parents for your continued support. Whatever the result I am very proud of the whole team and their growth as the year has progressed and look forward to what the next running season has in store.