Black Park Cross Country Competition on Thursday 7th February 2019

This will be our last whole team cross country competition of the year! What I mean by this is, the results from previous competitions are used to pick children to make up relay teams. Therefore Black Park will be the last whole-team competition where everyone can come.

Competition information:

Venue: Black Park SL3 6DS (Near Slough)

Date: Thursday 7th February 2019

Car parking:

Car parking is limited so please note: It’s a pay-and-display for 0-2hrs it’s £2.70, for 2-4hrs it’s £3.50 per car

Race Assembly Area:

The race assembly area is in the overflow car park just off the main car park. DO NOT go past Go Ape or the Café.


Leaving school from 1:00pm

Briefing: 2:00pm

Race Order: 

First Race               Yr 3 / 4 girls           2.15pm

Second Race         Yr 3 / 4 boys          2.30pm

Third race              Yr 5 / 6 girls           2.45pm

Fourth race           Yr 5 / 6 boys          3.00pm


These are located at the entrance of the car park (near the cafe hut) and will be open on the day, additional facilities will also be available near the start area on the other side of the lake at the other cafe.  Toilets are minimal though.


If you are able to marshal or record the results please make yourself know to us on the day. Please can I take this opportunity to thank parents and careers who have been able to support us by transporting children to the event, marshalling or recording the results. We could not attend these competitions without you so thank you!

Course route & Terrain:

Yr 3 / 4 map: Approx 1.76km



Yr 5 / 6 map:  Approx 2.25km


We will provide your child with a running top, but due to this being a cold time of year please send your children with long sleeves and leggings to be worn under their top and shorts.  They may also get cold waiting around for their race so warm clothes are a must.

We look forward to seeing you there.