Anti-Bullying Week: Odd Socks Day

Today we launched Anti-Bullying Week with Odd Socks Day which is such a fabulous way to show how unique we all are. It was lovely to see so many colourful socks on both staff and children supporting this event.

This afternoon, we had our whole school assembly ‘United Against Bullying’ which helped children to deepen their understanding of what bullying-type behaviour is and what we should do if we think it is happening to ourselves or a friend. We also had whole class discussions about how we can all come together and unite against bullying-type behaviour both at Keep Hatch and when in the community. The children had some excellent ideas which fit in so well with our school values of Respect and Tolerance:

‘We must agree and work together to stop bullying’

‘To be kind and respect others’

‘To always think before speaking’

‘Respect others with their differences’

‘Include others and ask others if they are OK’

‘Respect difference and make friends’

‘Go to the teacher or another adult to tell them if something is wrong’

‘Listen to other people’s opinions and don’t make assumptions’

‘Try to approach situations with patience’

‘If you see something that feels wrong, tell an adult straight away’

‘Treat everyone equally and celebrate difference’

‘Choose to be kind’

‘Be respectful to everyone’

‘Accept who you are’

‘It is important to tell an adult because it could get worse and worse and adults can deal with it’

Well done to all classes for doing such good thinking to help keep our school a happy place to learn.