Anglo Saxon day

Morning from Hooke Court. We’re all refreshed, fed and raring to go. All very excited & looking forward to what the Anglo Saxon experiences will bring.

Update 1: The children (and adults) look fabulous in their Anglo Saxon outfits. Their morning has started with an amazing immersive activity. We are all enjoying imagining living in a thatched hut with animals at one end whilst we would be living at the other with fires in the middle surrounded by animal skins, drying herbs and weaponry. The sights, sounds & atmosphere are really bringing their learning to life.

Update 2: Well we’ve certainly been kept busy this morning making vegetable pottage, oat cakes, sausages & herb bread. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting the hands messy and definitely built up an appetite. We’re just about to enjoy a buffet lunch which is very well deserved. The children have been absolute stars today showing wonderful listening skills & willingness to get involved and enjoy themselves.

Update 3: If that wasn’t enough for one morning, the children have also been learning how to use runes (Anglo Saxon writing) to create clay tablets to scribe their names. They have also had the opportunity to create pendants to be used later when they will be designing their own jewellery.

Update 4: It really is non stop fun at Hooke Court. The afternoon has involved weaving, jewellery making, fence building and the event that has seen the most wonderful expressions and laughter… the wattle and daub experience. It was really enjoyed by all and we can only apologise for the state of the children’s costumes so be aware when washing. It was a memory they’re sure not to forget.

Last update of the day: The day has ended with an epic Anglo Saxon saga around a camp fire. The children were wrapped up and snuggled together to listen to the adventures of Anglo Saxon warriors. This was followed by amusing action songs that we’re sure the children will love reciting when they get home. It’s been such a wonderful day, everyone is in such great spirits and looking forward to the last few events tomorrow.