Every child at Keep Hatch has the opportunity to go on a day trip each year.

We also offer residential trips for Years 4 and 6.

These are a wonderful experience for the children and many remember their first night away on a school trip as the most exciting part of school life.

Residential trips are not cheap and each trip is planned a year in advance allowing for the cost to be spread over many months. Those children that qualify for free school meals will be subsidised.

Year R – visit Beale Park for a day in the summer term

Year 1 – visit Wellington Park for a day in the summer term

Year 2 – visit Windsor Castle for a day in spring term

Year 3 – visit the Living Rainforest in the summer term

Year 4 Рspend three days and two nights at Hooke Court in Dorset during the autumn term.  They also visit the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium in the spring term

Year 5 – visit the Imperial Museum in the spring term

Year 6 – have a week at a residential centre in October/November which supports the curriculum and also has an emphasis on outdoor activities and team-building